Gardens are a must in any home, not only are they necessary for better health but they also add a certain charm to the house. Most houses, however, only have a backyard and a front yard, which leaves very little room to get creative with garden ideas. But just like everything, professional designers know how to work around small spaces and get the best out of them. So, here are some of the best ideas that are perfect for small gardens.

Outdoor Patio

One of the most common use for backyards is to create an outdoor patio. They are a perfect combination of small gardens and the comfortableness of living rooms. You can create a patio in your backyard by various ways. There is no limit to ideas when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces. You only need a simple couch, some flowers and water accent to complete a patio but you can customize it according to your preferences. Patios make a great reading nook plus, you can install a grill for BBQ and summer parties.

Utilize Trees

If there are large trees that are taking up all your backyard space, leaving no room for a garden, then you can simply utilize these trees. There is sure to be open space under the tree that you can customize to form an outdoor patio. If the tree quite old and appears sturdy, you can hang a daybed from it. Also, set up simple furnishing such as a coffee table or garden chairs to complete your patio. It goes without saying that flowers and plants around this area are a must.

Add a Pond

Water is a great focal point for a garden and there are full scale water gardens that people find so desirable. But you need large space to accommodate a stable water garden which is impossible in backyards. However, you can add a small pond in your backyard to fulfill this desire. Uneven surfaces that stays wet most of time are perfect for creating a pond. You may need to hire professional gardeners and property renovation London contractors for this job. You can then, plant flowers such as water lilies, water snowflake and lotus in this pond.

Create an Arbor

If you want to instantly transform your small garden into a fairytale landscape, then adding an arbor is your shortest route. Arbors are long in height and capture the attention of people immediately. They are more suitable for front yards and spaces with more trees. There are many shapes a d sizes to choose from plus, you can customize it yourself. The arbor should be covered with vines and flowers of your choice.

Vertical Gardens

And if you have absolutely little to no space for creating a garden because you live in an apartment complex, then a vertical garden may be your only option. You can set up a vertical garden in your balcony and add beautiful and refreshing flowers of your preference. Hanging plants are also an ideal way to bring the gardens in your room.

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