Kensington city is one of London’s most wealthy places. It has a very efficient public transport system which makes commuting very easy. Anyone looking for a house to rent for a long period of time should consider Kensington (Flats in Kensington). There are many residential apartments already being offered by different letting companies and residential property managers. There are many reasons why Kensington is still one of London’s rental hotspots. I this article we are going to look at some of these reasons.

Kensington also has a wide variety of shops and shopping malls where you can go for your shopping need. Kensington High Street is the main area where almost any kind of shop be it jewellery or supermarkets or boutiques with the latest fashion can be found. 

Despite there being many people commuting every day in an out of Kensington, public transport is very reliable and has three stations in Travelcard Zone 1. Anyone using private means will appreciate the well-connected road network with three major roads including Cromwell Road which joins Kensington to Heathrow Airport and also to Central London. 

There are a number of free museums located at South Kensington which include, the Natural History Museum which is a science centre. Another museum you will find is the science museum which is a wonderful place where you can experience science, first-hand. The Victoria and Albert Museum is another museum which the world’s greatest museum of art and design is. Here you can find all the paintings, fabrics, photographs, monument, jewels and metalwork.

There are many other attractive places such as hotels that are attractive not just to people who want to rent but also for doing business.
Due to the high demand for flats to rent in Kensington, rental costs have been increasing in the recent past. According to an article by Landlord today, https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2019/4/cost-of-renting-a-single-room-in-kensington-increases-23-in-five-years the cost of renting a room has increased by 23% since 2012. The current average rent or a room in Kensington is 1,928 British Pounds. This indicates how many people have preferred to rent in this city. 
More to that, life in Kensington has a sense of class and you will find that many flats to rent have prioritized the security of the tenants by outsourcing a security company to maintain security in the homes. Such security companies are engaged on contract bases to ensure that only those that deliver on their mandate will have their contracts renewed.

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