There are a lot of things that can get stressful for you when moving, which is why you need movers. However, some movers may not be in a position or have the knowledge on how to move a grand piano and that is why you need special movers for that.

A grand piano is very bulky and expensive so you need movers who understand how to move it without destroying it in any form. You may also need a place to keep it for a while as you settle in your new home and the movers should be in a position to provide this solution for you. You need to be very cautious when choosing grand piano movers as the job requires very skilled and experienced personnel. Here are some pointers for when you are looking for a mover.

Skill and experience

This is not a job that can be done by any ordinary mover, it requires people who are trained and have the experience to deal with your grand piano. A good way to find a company with the particular skillset that you are seeking is to check for referrals online. Successful and well known movers should have an online page where you can go through customer experiences before making your final decision.

Proper equipment

A grand piano requires some specialized equipment and tools so as to make the move successful. Some of the important equipment includes skids, ramp, skids and moving pads. All of these are important in ensuring that the piano is moved correctly without destroying any part of it.


The grand piano company that you choose should be insured so that you can get compensated if any harm comes to your piano while in their possession. There are three types of covers including:

  • Automotive insurance.
  • Content insurance.
  • Workman’s safety insurance.

A good company should have all three insurance covers but most important is the content cover that protects your piano. Check that the company that you want to choose has the insurance documents before finalizing the hiring process.


While they say that cheap is expensive, it does not have to be a bank breaking affair to hire a professional grand piano mover. Ask for full and clear details about how much it will cost to move your piano. If you will require storage services ensure that you get enough details about how much it will cost you. Once you have done that, you can compare prices from one company to the other and settle for the best one.

State of the warehouse

This is a very important aspect to check on especially if you will require your piano stored by the moving company. It is best if you actually visit the site of the warehouse and ensure that it is of satisfactory standards before hiring the particular company. Make sure that it has adequate security features, record keeping and overall conditions such as temperature and humidity that may affect your piano.

Ask questions

Make a list of questions that you will ask the moving companies beforehand to ensure that you have all the facts right. You have the right to ask so make sure you address every issue possible before signing the contract.

Always ensure that you give accurate information about your grand piano to avoid any disagreements after hiring your preferred company. Check and double check everything before putting your signature on the contract. If you get a professional piano mover, you can be sure that the whole process will be flawless and you will get your piano in perfect condition.

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