Roof insulation is fairly common nowadays, but not all homeowners know just what it does for their homes. What is roof insulation and how does it benefit you?

Roof insulation serves as a barrier that keeps outside air from entering your home through the ceiling. It keeps hot air out in summer and cold air out in winter.

While it is an extra expense, roof insulation offers many benefits that actually save you money in the long run. Here are some of the top benefits of insulation for your roof.

Heat prevention

In summer, the blazing sun heats up your roof, causing it to become extremely hot. This heat then enters your home through your ceiling, making temperatures inside unbearably hot.

Roof insulation helps reduce temperatures inside your home by keeping hot air from the roof out. It helps prevent too much heat from seeping from the roof to the inside of your home, making your home cooler and keeping you from relying too much on the AC.

Heat retention

In winter, you want to keep heat from escaping the house. Without insulation, much of the heat inside your home escapes through the thin ceiling and the roof. With roof insulation, heat is trapped inside the home, keeping the air from becoming too chilly.

In the colder months, your heating system has to work hard to compensate for the cold air that comes through your ceiling and flows through your home. With roof insulation, cold air is kept out, which means that your heating system won’t have to use up so much energy to warm up your house.

Lower energy bills

Insulation helps regulate the temperature of the air inside your home so that it’s always roughly at room temperature. This keeps you from having to crank up the air-conditioning in summer or the heaters in winter. You’ll be able to control or even reduce your energy bills and save a significant chunk of money.

Some homeowners opt out of roof insulation because it’s an added expense. But while you do have to spend on roof insulation at the start, it definitely pays for itself in long-term energy savings.

Extra protection for your roof

Aside from helping you control the temperatures inside your house and reducing your energy bills, roof insulation also helps protect the integrity of your roof. With roof insulation, there’s another barrier between your roof and the elements. This extra layer of protection minimizes the speed at which your roof deteriorates.

In winter, insulation helps keep heat from inside the house from melting the snow on the roof. Melting snow can cause ice dams that can, in turn, lead to water damage, rot, mold, and mildew. If not promptly fixed, these can all lead to costly repairs down the road.


Finally, roof insulation is important not only because it benefits you, but also because it benefits the planet. Insulating your roof helps you save energy, which helps reduce pollution. Roof insulation actually helps us protect the environment.

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