What are modular buildings?

Modular building is the process of constructing buildings by pre-fabricating them in a factory and transporting them to the building site for installation (Elite Systems GB). We think of pre-fabs as the houses that were built as a short-term measure just after the war to replace the diminished housing stock. The principles of why this form of construction was effective then are equally valid now.

Benefits of modular construction.

  • The main benefit of this form of modular buildings is that they typically take half of the amount of time of conventional methods.
  • Since construction is in a more controllable environment Health and safety is not such an issue as on a traditional site.
  • Within this controlled environment it is easier to safeguard construction products and ensure that the build finish is of a higher standard.
  • This type of construction allows the full use of modern eco-friendly materials in a format that provides high thermal performance.
  • With the construction taking place inside weather is not a problem so there are no delays and products cannot be damaged by adverse weather.
  • It is easier to use this form of construction in areas where access is difficult or restricted due to the location of the site.
  • Complete flexibility and bespoke solutions are available to suit today’s demand for more unique styles of housing.
  • These benefits combine to create a product that is of superior quality at a much lower price.

What type of buildings can Modular construction be used for?

This type of construction is suitable for temporary and permanent structures. It is perfect for residential property both full construction and extensions. It also highly effective especially in the commercial environment since being modular it is easily scalable. With construction being completed in a shorter time it is very cost effective and efficient allowing companies to become operational quicker.

The Biggest construction trend for 2019.

The benefits to this type of construction has meant that it has now become exceedingly popular in so many environments and this has had the effect of creating a rapidly increasing trend for 2019. The announcement in 2017 of tax breaks for modular house construction has also had a positive effect. Building Talk make the point that this type of construction is a popular solution for the cash-strapped NHS. Hospitals and surgeries throughout the UK are desperate for more space Modular flexibility and cost provides an ideal solution. Large hotel groups are also using modular techniques since their room structure and size are repetitive and fit to a common layout. Apartment building developments, Social Housing, Residential Homes and Community Centres all are just a few areas that are attracted by the benefits.

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