Relocation is really a stressful activity. It requires a good amount of financial support. It requires you to contact companies to get quotes, arrange for boxes, and packing the stuff. If you are in a position where you can spend quite a handsome amount, you can very well hire door-to-door relocation services, and relieve yourself from most of the stress. If you are planning for a budget move then you have to depend on self, rather than hiring a company. Sometimes it is cheaper to rent trucks, although it creates much stress on you, but it can save lot of money!

Things To Consider Are:

  • Ask Family and Friends for Referrals
  • Contact companies from the yellow pages as well as the internet.
  • Ask up front if the company will be doing the move themselves
  • Get at least three estimates, or possibly fixed quotes, if you have time possibly more.
  • Start looking for a company between 10 – 8 weeks before the move date.
  • International moves need to planned at least 3 months before the move

Depending on your budget, you will be able to choose what company is best for you, the most expensive is not always the worst, and neither is the cheapest the best. You can use moving costs calculator to get your estimated quote, which depends on various factors. You need to fill a small form to get real time average cost of your moving.

If this is you’re the first time moving for your family you may want to consider getting professionals to do the entire job for you, from packing, transport and setting everything up in your new home. If you have children then you will have plenty to worry about without having to worry if you packed something.

You Will Find More Information On Moving Under The Following:

  • Moving Locally
  • Moving Interstate
  • Moving Overseas
  • Vehicle Transporters

Local Moving Guide

The most important thing you can do when you are moving locally is be prepared for delays, i have completed an endless number of moves across a city or state, and just as many things can go wrong as a move across the country. Most likely, you are moving a short distance so just be prepared and plan ahead.

To ensure a smooth move:

  • Organize friends or family to help you, if possible with their own vehicles
  • If you are hiring a van or trailer, pick it up the night prior to your move, there is nothing worse than having to find a replacement at the last minute.
  • Have access to your new home before you leave your old one, having to hunt down the key with a car full and a trailer is painstaking.
  • Try to pack everything the night before, this leaves just loading it up in the morning
  • If you are moving on the weekend, ensure that the services at your new address are connected.
  • Plan on starting early, anything could go wrong during the day, the sooner you start the sooner you finish.

Moving Internationally:

If moving internationally is difficult, i think there is only one more complicated situation, and that’s moving across the country, interstate.
Many lessons of moving country’s have never been acquired interstate movers.

  • Firstly chose a company who will pack all your belongings correctly or risk losing some of your most valuable items. A bonus of having them pack is if anything is broken then it is up to the moving company to repair replace or compensate.
  • Try and pay no more than half of the moving costs until the load has been delivered at your new home, on time and intact. The moving company may be tough to move on this but it is only to protect yourself, so be firm.
  • When comparing movers, be sure to ask what the details of their insurance company is, it doesn’t matter who the company is, a move with no insurance is worth nothing. Don’t buy their excuses, politely move on.
  • When searching for a moving company enquire how often they do long distance moves and how long they have been doing them, there is an unavoidable difference between companies that proclaim they have been doing it for months and others who really have been doing it for years.
  • Try and get more than three quotes, you will be surprised at how competitive some companies can be and what deals are out there. If your quotes are averaging above a few thousand dollars, a little time spent may save you a lot of money.
  • If you end up getting offered a deal of the transport and do the packing yourself, make sure you do research on how to pack, a little preparation or little money spent on a book will save you grief later.
  • Sometimes companies will advertise half containers for hire, keep an eye out for relocation specials these become extremely discounted depending on your location
  • Most importantly if you must pack yourself get professional instructions on how to pack your valuables.

If you like these tips, please share this post with your friends who are going to move in near future. Thanks for being with us and stay tuned for more exciting home decoration and moving tips and hacks.

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