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What Are The Safest Practices To Control Pests?

The first step to effective pest control is understanding the type of pest that is bothering you and the available control options.  Prevention should come first followed by the correct use of techniques or pesticides. Pest control services Plano TX would like you to know a few things.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure

We cannot emphasize this enough: prevention is the best way to exterminate pests. You can do it by removing sources of food and water; and if possible, clear off the shelters. When you store your food in containers, make sure that they are sealed- glass containers are the best. Even the garbage cans must be kept airtight and removed from the house regularly. Your house might be having some leaky plumbing issues that leave water scattered all over the rooms. You cannot allow water to collect under the fridge or in trays below the sink areas. Otherwise, pests will find your house quite accommodating. The other thing that welcomes pests is clutter. Pests build nests in cluttered spaces and when they start breeding, it becomes harder and harder to exterminate them. Consider tossing away or recycling unused magazines, cardboard boxes, and old cans. Then, make sure that the entry points of those pets are closed e.g. the holes in the attic or door crevices. Cover those areas with mesh wire and caulk the cracks. You can use steel wool around the broken pipes to discourage rodents.

How to safely use pesticides

  • Opt for organic pesticides to save the environment
  • Never apply outdoor chemicals indoors
  • Apply the stipulated amount and no more
  • Never transfer the chemicals to household containers
  • Dispose of the pesticide containers and leftovers as per the manufacturer’s directions
  • Keep children and pets away from pesticides
  • Always read the chemical labels carefully
  • Only apply pesticides which are approved for home use
  • Check the EPA registration number to find more information about the pesticide

Once you have the preventative measures in place, you can use baits to capture rodents which are still locked indoors. Baits and traps are quite effective and may be combined with low-profile or organic pesticides. Low-risk pesticides are readily available at Wylie pest control services. Chemicals which are not contained in baits should be applied in targeted places and must not be sprayed all over the rooms. A fogging machine should be used under the directives of a professional and only when necessary. It is advisable to apply ready-to-use products that don’t require mixing. But before you start spraying your property with pesticides, consult an experienced pest control technician to help you uncover the source of the problem. Maybe your toilet has a leak and you might want to eliminate the excess water in the bathroom.

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