Phuket represents one of the world’s best vacation spots if you want to enjoy pristine beaches. It is a veritable tropical paradise with all of the offerings of a tourist destination. However, if you are looking to settle in Phuket or purchase condo property there you would be looking for more than a vacationer’s paradise.

You can expect to find all the facilities or amenities one would look for if they want to permanently settle in a location. These include international standard schools, world class health care, many facilities for shopping (grocery and otherwise) and anything else which will cater to the needs of daily living.

To help you enjoy this perfect marriage of a tourist destination and a permanent residence, here are some tips which can help you to make a solid decision when searching for a condo.

Tip #1

Consider the Thai laws which have specific stipulations for foreigners to own property. Under Thai law foreigners may only directly own a building but not the land, units in a condominium project or a leasehold agreement with a 30 year duration. Even these arrangements still have special conditions which must be considered and honoured. A trusted and established property lawyer would be able to thoroughly advise you of the legal aspects of your prospective purchase so that you can be clear on what is to be expected and what you need to do.

Tip #2

Consider the location. The exact locale in which the condominium property is located will have a direct effect on what it will cost you. Also, if you are going for a luxurious or more stylish condo, it goes without saying that these will demand a higher sale price. A wide range of options exist in various locations around Phuket to acquire a condominium. Your property may have a beach view or a garden view. The beach view properties are generally in greater demand and will run for a higher sale price than garden view properties. Your budget will also ultimately dictate where you eventually decide to make your final purchase. If you are purchasing a condo for investment purposes you might find it more beneficial to go with a beach or mountain view, as these properties are usually located in the prime locations tourists will go for.

Tip #3

Choose a legitimate agency if you are purchasing remotely. If you need to purchase a condo in Phuket and cannot be physically present, to avoid being duped out of your money, this step is one which must be carried out in an unhurried and very calculated way. With the increased demand for these property types, many agencies abound through which you can route your sale. Be cautions and diligent in doing your background checks to ensure that the agency you are transacting business with is a reputable one. This is a very smart move to make and it will allow you to be able to rest assured that your business dealings will be transparent and honest.

Tip #4

Visit the property in person if at all possible. The ideal and smart thing to do, would be for you to arrange a trip to Phuket in order to scout out the property offerings personally. Doing so will afford you greater control over your purchase because you will be able to see directly what you will be paying for. Photographs tend to have a way of making things appear better than they actually are, and they can also be edited. If the project is under construction you will also be able to speak with the developers and let them know if there are any modifications you would like to have made since they may be able to customize to a certain degree.

Tip #5

Consider having an experienced professional mediate the purchase. When buying any property, it is usually a very good idea to get a voice of reason and experience to provide some guidance. In Phuket, you can avail yourself of this by means of a realtor who will be able to help you find variety of locations to choose from in terms of locating a condo and can also help narrow down your search. Another option you have is to use a lawyer who will be able to sift through all of the legal requirements of the process to ensure a seamless and fair transaction.

Some people choose to use both. Bear in mind that both lawyers and realtors charge fees so if you would like to save some money, it would be more economical to go along with a property lawyer only. Whichever option you decide to go with in the end, you must ensure that you are using trusted and reputable individuals or firms with which you will be transacting business.

Author Bio – This article is a work of Malcolm Jones promoting Phuket Condo for Sale.

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