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History of Costa del Sol by

The Costa del Sol is a name taken from Spanish that means “Coast of the Sun” in English as stated in tourist guide. Basically this is situated in southern parts of Spain alongside the coastlines of the Province of Malaga. On the other hand, it comes in between comparatively not very famous coastal regions namely Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical. In it old days it was known as one of the series of fishing settlements but today the Costa del Sol is a world famous tourist destination because of the extra care by the local government of Spain.

History of Costa del Sol by

As stated in the tourist’s guide of, the history of Costa del Sol spans about 2,800 years and was known as a famous location an addition of predominance of Malaga in the past. Bastuli which is a cast in these regions are known as the oldest citizen of these wonderful coastlines. Their arrival and living here is stated somewhere around 770 BC in the history books. At that point of time the region was ruled by the Romans.

According to tourist’s guide, in second half of the 18th century Málaga solved its chronic water supply problems with the completion of one of the largest infrastructure projects carried out in Spain at that point of time in the building of the Aqueduct of San Telmo.

 History of Tourist Industry in Costa del Sol

At the start of the twentieth century, the Banos del Carmen beach was developed and opened in the east of Malaga. The Torremolinos golf course followed in 1928. According to local historian Fernando Alcala, on October 15, 1933 the “Hotel Miramar” was inaugurated in Marbella. The owners, Jose Laguno Canas and Maria Zuzuarregui (daughter of Agustina Zuzuarregui y Sutton Clonard) promoted this hotel, and the city of Marbella, in English and in French, using the expressions “Sunny Coast” and “Côte du Soleil “in all its stationery and lampoons. According to Estefania Rodriguez Camacho, quoting Fernando Alcala’s book, (issued in recent edition”) these are the real inventors of the expression “Costa del Sol”

 Recent History of Costa del Sol

According to, the rebuilding of the Málaga Airport was the decisive improvement to infrastructure that facilitated mass tourism on the coast. Low cost charter flights and holiday packages made it a player on the international market. By the 1970s trips to Spain were the predominant business of the European tour operators, and the Costa del Sol continued to increase in popularity through the decade. This trend coincided with rapid industrial growth in Málaga and the decline of dependence on the agricultural sector, although growth in the general economy of Spain slowed almost to a standstill after 1973

The Costa del Sol welcomes millions of tourists annually. Visitors arriving by air can land at Málaga Airport, Granada Airport and Gibraltar International Airport. And head to one of the many resorts located along this stretch of coastline from Manilya in the west to Nerja in the east. 

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