For over twenty years, Jerome Karam has been purchasing and developing historic and old real estate properties across Louisiana and Texas. Karam came from humble and simple beginnings in Allen Parish, Louisiana. Through his business know-how and industrious characteristics, he has purchased, reconstructed, and currently operates three apartment complexes in Kinder, Louisiana.

Karam and his team have cemented themselves across Houston, through creating numerous old properties into flourishing commercial buildings and apartments. Originally in 1991, Jerome Karam practiced injury and accident law and business litigation, his office is located in Friendswood, Texas. Through handwork and by utilizing his knowledge in business litigation, Karam began to focus on his passion for modernizing real estate properties.

As a real estate developer, he and his company have completed several sites one of which was an apartment project located in the small town of Galveston, Texas near Coushatta Casino Resort. Karam’s Landing in the area is just a testament to his successful real estate endeavors in renovating and transforming property. The new luxurious sixty-one condominiums have attracted a lot of attention potential tenants because most of the new units have leased out to clients.

They have also accomplished in the remodeling of The Lester Davidson Building into five refurnished Town Homes with each set having its own garage. Located at the center of the historic Strand area in Galveston, it took over a year and a half long to convert the property.  What makes the new townhouses special isn’t just because of the exquisite exposed brick and wonderful flooring as well as the view and location of the site but because each townhouse has its own garage making it convenient for car owners to park in the busy and crowded area of Downtown Galveston. Three of the five townhouse units have been occupied.

Currently, he and his family with his staff are renovating the old Smart Rooms Inn into modern apartments which they’ve named: “Karam’s Cove.” Karam’s cove is a five-unit complex located in a small town at Kinder, Allen Parish. Kinder has an estimated population of over two thousand five hundred (2,500), the recently developed property is greatly accepted new change in area and is of current news, and all of Karam’s Cove units are occupied.

Other than the Karam’s cove, lately he has also bought an underutilized commercial complex found on 8th St in downtown Kinder. He plans in revitalizing the old building as Karam’s Gym. Karam’s new gym will be the leading fitness destination in the area and for the local residents who want to feel good and look good.

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