Given Malta’s good economy which bucks the trend of economic slowdown in the rest of Europe, its high living standards, high wages, and low crime rate, the nation is fast becoming a preferred destination for rich Europeans and foreigners to live.  Malta’s property market is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the European Union.  This article will discuss property in Malta for sale.

Malta’s houses are cheap compared to the European Union average, and the interest rates are low, meaning that property is very affordable for the masses!  Houses in Malta are much taller and more spacious because of the relaxed building height requirements which make it a dream destination for millions!  What drive many to Malta are its mild winters and hot but pleasant summers, its rich history, and its cultural attractions.  The property that sells the most often in Malta are apartment buildings and modest houses.  Since many of these properties have their own unique character and personality, most home buyers find them very attractive.

As mentioned earlier, properties in Malta are very affordable.  For example, the average three bedroom apartment sells between 140,000 to 400,000 Euros, which is in the affordable range, and at the low end of the price spectrum in terms of apartment prices for the European Union as a whole. For those wanting to be homeowners, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the average three bedroom house sells at a starting price of 350,000 Euros.

In terms of location, many of Malta’s villages are the best places to find the ideal apartment or home, due to Malta’s low crime rate, numerous points of interest, and cultural attractions which are all over the country!  Those people who hail from other parts of Europe and America will find the city of Sliema a perfect place to settle because of its close proximity to shopping malls and grocery stores, clubs, and restaurants – this town has all of the conveniences that expats need and crave at a walking distance.  St. Julians is another coastal town just north of the capital which is a favorite among expats because of its creature comforts and close proximity to the beach.  The modern conveniences in both towns will make expats feel right at home in Malta.

Marsaskala is a popular coastal town which is preferred by home buyers because of its great seafood, which many home buyers love – especially foreign ones, and its great restaurants.  Residents also love the beaches and the beach culture which is akin to the hippie culture that accompanies it.

With some research and effort, anyone who craves adventure and the international culture can find affordable property in Malta and make this beautiful and famous country his or her home because Malta’s government encourages foreigners to settle there – the government offers tax breaks to anyone who does settle there, and this is what attracts a lot of foreigners to Malta!

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